Where does my money actually go? 

Well it goes to us first of all. Then once we’ve rounded up all the dollars, we’ll be donating to the RFS. This will either be through a direct bank deposit online, or by forcibly grabbing a firefighters hand, shaking it and then placing the cheque in his palm. 

If you want to donate further, click through to the website here.

       What is the update in terms of certification? 

The University of Wollongong recently tested our Smoggys for us and have confirmed that they unfortunately do not meet the Australian regulations for AS/NZS 1716 certification.

This was not only a surprise to us but also for our Australian distributor as these masks were purchased as certified P2 masks to help filter out the fine particles in smoke.

Given this news, we need to ask anyone using their Smoggys, not to use them as masks for the purpose of reducing exposure to bushfire smoke or poor air quality and associated health effects.

It’s our understanding now that Australian regulation is complex and many masks that people are wearing are not properly certified. If you’re needing a real P2 solution, we recommend you head to a local hardware store or chemist and ask for an Australian-certified P2 mask. 

Where and when is it suitable to wear them?

The good news is the masks can still be used for the minimisation of airborne particles produced by exhalation, for example, if you want to restrict passing anything on to others.

Wear your Smoggys to show people that this is indeed an emergency of catastrophic levels, and as a sign of your donation to fire relief. 

As Smoggys is not certified, please take particular note of places and instances where we wouldn’t advise you donning your Smoggys:

  • On a work-site that requires professional grade masks (while ours may look better, stick to your professional masks on-site)
  • During high intensity exercise and activity
  • When you're sleeping
  • If you’re a firey actually fighting the fires (we cannot thank you enough, you lifesavers!)
  • If you're in close proximity to fires and thick smoke haze
  • If you're finding it hard to breathe (just take it off and go inside).

The Minister of Health tells us, if you have underlying heart or lung health issues and other chronic conditions, you should consult your doctor for advice before using any kind of mask. This goes for our Smoggys too.

If you feel dizzy, faint or out of breath while wearing Smoggys or any other mask, you should remove it, go to a place with cleaner air quality and consult your doctor. You can always use your Smoggys as an eye mask or a budget budgie smuggler. 

Of course, the masks also still serve the purpose of standing together in the face of climate inaction with a sense of larrikin pride - so whether you wear a Smoggys on your daily commute or standing defiantly on the lawns of Parliament House, you’re making a difference.

When do the other Smoggys come out? Like the icecream one or the BBQ?

We were looking forward to rocking some new looks Smoggys but unfortunately we've had to cancel our next order after finding out they are not AS/NZS 1716 standard. We've instead decided to use that money to donate to NSW RFS. 

Where can I read more about masks?

Here are some reads from people who know what they’re talking about over at the Health departments of our Government.







Website Disclaimer

Smoggys has been created for the sole purpose of fundraising to support the Rural Fire Service.

Please note that Smoggys masks are not P2/N95 masks and should not be used in conditions where a P2/N95 mask is recommended. Smoggys masks do not provide adequate protection from ultrafine particles such as those found in smog or bushfire smoke. Smoggys and its affiliates do not accept any liability should you choose to use Smoggys masks in these conditions.

If you require a face mask for use in smog or bushfire smoke affected areas or for health purposes in general, please refer to your relevant State/Territory health authority.